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Puffin Post no.1 pages 5 and 6

It’s only been a couple of days, but this one was very easy to prepare. Here is the very first author ‘profile’ article. This is a lot of fun for a tiny piece.

I remember the days when Harry Potter didn’t grace our shelves – the only books of magic that made the ‘hot list’ were by the likes of Alan Garner, Susan Cooper (Dark is Rising Sequence) and Tolkien.

As a little aside, it seems strange today to know that Kaye Webb’s predecessor, Eleanor Graham, rejected The Hobbit as she thought children wouldn’t be interested! It was probably a sign that it was time for someone new to take the reins! Kaye spotted Stig of the Dump, which had been rejected by the other publishing houses (and it’s still in print!).

Image from the collection of Ruth – Founder member 1487 – Restored S. Hassan Nov 2008