Puffin Post Vol.4 No.4

Another blinder from Jill McDonald. I really take my hat off to this lady. I still kick myself that I missed meeting her at the Puffin Exhibitions I attended. Ah my misspent youth chasing after authors!!

Anywho… the contents of this issue included:

Short stories:
My friend the Snake Charmer – by Ben Lucien Burman
The Picketty Ghost – by Ursula Moray Williams

Singular Disaster Strikes Survivor Z&!!5 – This looks like a collaboration by Jill McDonald and Norman Hunter – I’ll have to look into this!
Meet Your Author – Francis Hodgson Burnett – by Ann Thwaite
Museum Mania – A guide to five museums of interest to puffineers

…and pictures from the Hallowe’en party held on October 31st 1970 in Middlesex

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