Puffin Post Vol.9 no.1

This is a work in progress. The copy I have in my collection is badly printed (the magenta isn’t in register) This makes the original look very pink. I have been tweaking it on my Mac to realign the magenta part of the image and then retouch the damage of the years. It’s nearly there, but I thought I’d share it with you. I wonder if every copy in the print run was printed this badly? Was yours in a better condition?

I got hold of this when the club had a clear out and made them available to members – I sent off my pocket money as fast as I could!! Some of my others were grabbed at the Exhibitions – again with most of my saved up pocket money.

Jill McDonald did a few of these ensemble covers – a mass of puffins all symbolising different personalities, moods or activities. They were a story in their own right.

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